Hi! I’m Kelly. I love to bake, cook, and eat…but I’m not really good at sharing any of those three things. I wasn’t allowed to watch Spongebob in elementary school so the next closest thing was (apparently) Food Network…I was the only nine year old who knew who Rachael Ray was or what EVOO stood for.

When I was nine years old, my parents filmed home videos of me cooking called “Seasonal Cooking with Kelly Vaughan.” I used fabric paint to make my own apron, made an 8.5×11” photo on Print Explosion software, and played a theme song on my clarinet that I had probably learned earlier that week in Beginner Band class (remember, I was nine). With heavy influences from Rachael Ray, Giada de Laurentiis, and Martha Stewart, I created a pizza party episode and a muffin episode. Spoiler alert: the show didn’t exactly take off.

A few years later, my entire family took on a vegan diet (circa 2005 before vegetarianism was colloquial, let alone a vegan diet). There weren’t nearly as many substitutes on the market as there are today so most of my dinners consisted of veggie burgers or roasted vegetables on pita bread. I was vegan for about eight years until I got to college, when my dinners went even further downhill and I experienced the freshman 15 in reverse (steamed basmati rice and under-steamed carrots and green beans did not exactly fulfill the “all you can eat” dining hall meal plan). I slowly started incorporating dairy, fish, and the occasional chicken dishes back into my diet. Now my diet is a flexitarian at best- I eat a ton of seafood, believe Ben and Jerry’s counts as a calcium supplement, and recognize the comforts of an occasional piece of chicken pot pie.

Cooking is relaxing and eating is as comforting as a heated blanket. I will share everything food related on this blog- food I cook myself, amazing meals I try while dining out, and features of cooks, bakers, and foodmakers.

Be happy, never hungry.


Favorite Food?: Macaroni and Cheese, Potatoes, Salmon, Hot Buttered Lobster Rolls, Macarons

TV Chef you most want to cook with?: Ina Garten

Coffee order?: Iced vanilla red eye with almond milk

Karaoke Song?: Anything Disney, but preferably Mulan

White, Milk, or Dark Chocolate: Dark Chocolate hands down

Best meal you ever had?: Ristorante Rafele in NYC…you HAVE to try their Pizza Fritta (basically translates to pizza fried dough)

Ben and Jerry’s flavor of choice?: It’s a toss-up between Boom Chocolatta Cookie Core, Chocolate Therapy, and classic vanilla