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Cheers to the Weekend

Did anyone else think that this week felt super long? Maybe it’s the anticipation of the 4th of July and the long weekend! I did a lot of traveling around the state (Clinton on Monday, New Canaan on Tuesday, Middletown on Thursday) so all of that driving definitely takes a toll…but of course the food makes it worth the trip! Next week, stay tuned for blog posts featuring Locali Pizza and NoRA cupcake (as well as a post on Cure Restaurant going up later today!)

The BEST hot lobster roll in Connecticut (Lobster Landing, Clinton)

Tomorrow I’m taking another cooking class at Sur La Table- “Over the Top Ice Cream.” On the menu is Red Velvet Cake, Smoked Bourbon Vanilla, and Mango Sorbet! A blog post and pictures will follow but be sure to follow along on my Instagram story. Like I did with the macaron class, I will try to actively update via Instagram throughout the afternoon. These classes really inspire you to get back in the kitchen and try something new, even if it seems like a bit of a challenge! They have SO many offerings this summer- check out the full July calendar here.

I’m hoping this coming week brings lots and lots of delicious seafood and ice cream! I spend every 4th of July down in Old Saybrook so looking forward to going back to my favorite spots down there (if you’re a Connecticut native, you’ve most likely at least heard of Lenny & Joe’s)! After dinner, it’s time for Dairy Queen and fireworks on the beach! Does anyone have any fun 4th of July plans or traditions?

Below are links to the fun, funny, and filling food news I’ve come across this week:

  1. First things first- GILMORE GIRLS! I don’t post about much besides food but something that also gets a lot of my love is this TV show. (I was actually one of the baristas who coordinated Luke’s Diner Day in October for Peter B’s Espresso, the coffeeshop I worked at while at Trinity!) Naturally, I was SO excited when I heard Scott Patterson (aka LUKE!!!) is releasing his own line of coffee!
  2. Does anyone else take BuzzFeed Quizzes when you’re bored? If you’re a millennial, the answer is probably yes. I took this quiz the other night and it was actually so interesting! There are so many food documentaries on Netflix right now that I didn’t know about. I took the quiz over and over again just so I could make a list of recommended food-related documentaries that are currently available!
  3. In addition to burrata, prickly pear, and cold brew coffee, apparently edible flowers are a new trendy summer ingredient! I first tried them when I visited Popover Bistro and Bakery– I think they look prettier than they taste, but isn’t that kind’ve the point?!
  4. The Riverfront Food Truck Festival is coming back to Hartford again!! Stop by to try delicious food trucks from across the state. I went last year and it was totally worth it!
  5. P.S.: I’ve been published on Edible Nutmeg’s website! Edible Nutmeg is a division of Edible Communities and represents predominantly the Western half of the state (Litchfield County, Fairfield County, and New Haven county). They focus on covering restaurants, farms, and industry leaders that make sustainability, ethical farming, community engagement, and locally sourced food are part of their business’ mission. Edible Nutmeg’s website, however, covers all of CT and they posted my interview with Sean Brennan from Milkcraft!

Cheers to the weekend and Happy 4th!


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