If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you love food. And I do too! I’ve been cooking and baking my entire life. When I was three or four, I had a dress that my family called my “apple pie dress” because I only wore it when I would bake. It was light green with small embroidered flowers and white lace (or something like that…it was a long time ago).

When I was nine years old, my parents filmed home videos of me cooking called “Seasonal Cooking with Kelly Vaughan.” I used fabric paint to make my own apron, made an 8.5×11” photo on Print Explosion software, and played a theme song on my clarinet that I had probably learned earlier that week in Beginner Band class (remember, I was nine). With heavy influences from Rachael Ray, Giada de Laurentiis, and Martha Stewart, I created a pizza party episode and a muffin episode. Spoiler alert: the show didn’t exactly take off.

A few years later, my entire family took on a vegan diet (circa 2005 before vegetarianism was colloquial, let alone a vegan diet). There weren’t nearly as many substitutes on the market as there are today so most of my dinners consisted of veggie burgers or roasted vegetables on pita bread. I was vegan for about eight years until I got to college, when my dinners went even further downhill and I experienced the freshman 15 in reverse (steamed basmati rice and under-steamed carrots and green beans did not exactly fulfill the “all you can eat” dining hall meal plan). I slowly started incorporating dairy, fish, and the occasional chicken dishes back into my diet. Now my diet is a flexitarian at best- I eat a ton of seafood, believe Ben and Jerry’s counts as a calcium supplement, and recognize the comforts of an occasional piece of chicken pot pie.

Cooking is relaxing and eating is as comforting as a heated blanket. I will share everything food related on this blog- food I cook myself, amazing meals I try while dining out, and features of local restauranteurs and industry leaders.

Be happy, never hungry.